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Accepted Paper:

Filming the future's pasts: Future-making amidst ruination  


Anna Lisa Ramella (University of Cologne)

Paper short abstract:

This presentation revisits and discusses filmic approaches and formats experimented with during fieldwork on future-making in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Paper long abstract:

The Kenyan Rift Valley has been a destination for internal migrants in search for labour in the tourism sector, fisheries, as well the international cut-flower and horticultural companies for some decades now. In the course of changing industries, job-seekers and their descendants have had to adjust and adapt their skills almost continuously.

However, in processes of ruination, as for example the decreased tourism industry at Lake Baringo, or a shut-down flower farm in Naivasha, a large community suddenly finds itself in the situation of needing to relearn specific skills in order to make a living otherwise. In this presentation, I will revisit methods and approaches I have employed in order to find a way of accompanying these processes audio-visually. Furthermore, I will discuss a collaboration with a professional cameraperson in which we have sought formats and styles which render visible the context of collapsing industries, while at the same time focusing on individual stories.

Panel P121
Filming Futures: ethnographic film and future-making in critical contexts [FAN and VANEASA]