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Accepted Paper:

"This is very complex, let's get to the point!". Thoughts from applied environmental anthropology  


Amélia Frazão-Moreira (CRIA-NOVA FCSH)

Paper short abstract:

How to get to the point without losing the relevant anthropological theoretical knowledge along the way? In this communication, reflections will be shared based on the experience of working on interdisciplinary projects related to nature conservation in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau.

Paper long abstract:

For the past 10 years, as an environmental anthropologist and ethnoecologist, I have been involved in interdisciplinary projects that aim to support decision-making in the field of conservation. Projects related to the reintroduction of Iberian lynx in Portugal, and the conservation of chimpanzees and community-based conservation in Guinea-Bissau. Working mainly with primatologists, but also with biologists, geographers and lawyers, two main questions arise: How to translate anthropological theoretical configurations to interdisciplinary teams? How to adjust the ethnographic methodology and new approaches (for example, multispecific) to respond to the expectations and deadlines of the funding organizations? How to accept other scientific views of the world? This challenge leads to a rewarding learning experience, but above all it allows to improve the anthropological knowledge of reality and to uncap the anthropological theory.

Panel P012
Applying anthropology across disciplinary, professional and territorial borders: practical and engaging case studies [Applied Anthropology Network]