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Accepted Paper:

Specialised Information Service Social and Cultural Anthropology - a national research infrastructure and the possibilities of international cooperation/usage  


Matthias Harbeck (UB der Humboldt-Universit├Ąt)

Paper short abstract:

The Specialised Information Service Social and Cultural Anthropology (FID SKA) offers services for German ethnographic researchers. The paper wants to present these services and fathom new perspectives on international cooperations and services still to be developed.

Paper long abstract:

The Specialised Information Service Social and Cultural Anthropology (FID SKA) is part of a German research infrastructure partly funded by the German DFG and local institutions. Its main goal is to provide national researchers with the means of finding, accessing or archiving/publishing information, especially digital resources. The FID SKA tries do develop services in order to facilitate ethnographic research. Part of that infrastructure is the portal EVIFA ( where researches find bibliographic information, a news calendar, access to licensed resources and digitised collections. In cooperation with the data service center Qualiservice questions of research data archiving and access have been debated within the national ethnographic research community. The paper wants to outline the present state of work, new ideas and upcoming projects, and possibilities for international researchers to profit from these services. Furthermore it shall collect and discuss ideas for international cooperations and an expansion of services requested by researchers.

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Digital research infrastructures in social and cultural anthropology: approaches and challenges for conducting, archiving and sharing research