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Accepted Paper:

Walking the heat, imagining the future: filming in urban heat wave context  


Hugo Montero (ENTPE (National School of Public Works))

Paper short abstract:

In my research about inhabitants' adaptability while facing summer heat waves, I got inspired by the field of sensory anthropology to try to involve medium such as film in order to mingle inhabitants' impressions, sensations and thought about the future of urban life in the climate change context.

Paper long abstract:

After several audiovisual projects related to anthropological research, my current PhD raises the question of how it is possible to work with film and sound, in order to share experiences of inhabitants about the future and the climate changes in urban context.

My PhD research is about inhabitants' adaptability during their mobility (specifically walking travels) while facing summer heat waves in Lyon (France) and Madrid (Spain). My methodology is based on video elicitation interviews including virtual reality helmet and binaural (360°) sound. I also pursue the idea, inspired by the works of the Sensory Ethnography Lab, to produce a film about the extreme heat in urban context and how inhabitants of these cities project themselves into less and less livable cities. In such context, how film and sound can raise sensory experiences, enhancing « secondary impressions » (D. MacDougall) or « haptic feelings » (L. Marks).

During this session, I will show some abstracts of filmed results from the video elicitation method and film's rushes that are intended to share the experience of walking through heat waves in a newborn neighborhood of the city of Lyon during the summer. It will be an opportunity to discuss how audiovisual materials can be a way to share the thoughts and the feelings of citizens around a shared experience of heat, as the end of July in Lisbon may be.

Video presentation :

Panel P121
Filming Futures: ethnographic film and future-making in critical contexts [FAN and VANEASA]