Accepted paper:

Women doing business: Female entrepreneurs of Bulgarian descent in London.


Yoana Stefanova (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Paper short abstract:

The research uses a series of in-depth interviews to show the stories of Bulgarian female entrepreneurs who are managing their own business ventures in London. Thus, combining anthropological methodology with feminist epistemology.

Paper long abstract:

Since the 1980s female entrepreneurship has started to attract increasing attention among scholars, policy-makers, and activists around the world. Even though there are 3 different phases of the development of this academic field and quite a lot of data has already been gathered, there are a number of existing knowledge gaps. One such gap is linked with the lack of research done about female migrants in developed countries. Another gap is linked with the lack of scholars who adopt the feminist epistemology in their research, thus, reaching solely superficial conclusions about the differences between female and male behaviour, but not being able to look beyond. The current research addresses both of these gaps by showing the stories of female entrepreneurs of Bulgarian descent in London and mapping their business ventures. Thus, highlighting the ways in which they are different from all the other migrants in regard to opportunities, and challenges that they keep facing on an everyday basis.

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Facts, myths and multi-realities on female migration