Accepted Papers:

Debt socialization and angry taxpayers in Greece: on social disintegration and redistribution under austerity  


Theodora Vetta (Universitat de Barcelona)

Paper Short Abstract:

Starting from ethnographic material on taxation regimes in Greece, I will discuss austerity-led redistribution as a form of social disintegration.

Paper long abstract:

The recurrent bail-out agreements of the past decade, targeting both the "saving" of the Greek state and the recapitalization of the financial system, have produced a strong sense of debt socialization among an impoverishing majority. A labyrinth of austerity-inspired new fiscal measures (parallel to the collapse of health and social services), have consolidated a particular redistribution mechanism and have produced severe intra-class antagonistic behaviors and understandings, fostering wider processes of social disintegration.

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Forms of integration: redistribution and (market) exchange (roundtable)