Accepted Paper:

Moving while staying: the cryptocurrency of a dying village  


Virginia Vargolska (University of Vienna)

Paper short abstract:

A case study on a farm in rural Russia which minted its own cryptocurrency.

Paper long abstract:

The paper is based on fieldwork that took place at a farm in rural Russia, where the owner initiated the creation of a cryptocurrency. The post-soviet countryside is an environment where different types of informal exchange are practiced, both monetary and non-monetary. Thus, cryptocurrency becomes a sociomaterial algorithm that is used for the redistribution of subsistence goods and favors, similar to the ways embedded in socialist and post-socialist economies. Drawing from earlier anthropological discussions on gift-commodity logic in the area, I argue that this cryptocurrency filled a "space in between" a gift (authority, name) and a commodity, as it can be traded and speculated on global crypto stock-exchanges.

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How mobile is money? Fixture and flow in emerging monetary regimes