Accepted Paper:

Lines of Procurement: Marking Movement and Resources in Northern Canada  


Jan Peter Laurens Loovers (British Museum)

Paper Short Abstract:

This paper addresses a variety of lines of procurement and situate this in broader themes of land tenure, resource extraction, well-being, and ecological alternations.

Paper long abstract:

In this paper I touch on Gwich'in (Indigenous people in northern Canada) and non-Gwich'in movements on the land in relation with broader global markets. Throughout the Canadian Arctic the land has been demarcated with a variety of lines: seismic lines, traplines, roads and trails, and (caribou) fences. These lines of particular movements have been incorporated and contested in the Canadian North, and challenges "Settler State" notions of land tenure, resource extraction, ecological degradation, and Arctic domestication. The presentation will further touch on the video-documenting of a fish-wheel [to catch salmon], and relate this to questions of revitalizing traditional skills, the importance of dogs in the North, and the connection between Indigenous people, animals, the land, climate change, and well-being.

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Lines on the land: mobility and stasis in northern extractive landscapes