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Accepted Paper:

To the "front" and back "home" again": the case of wives of IDF POWs with combat trauma  
Rakefet Zalashik (Edinburgh University )

Paper short abstract:

Based on field-work and interviews with spouses and mental health professionals, the paper presents a study conducted on a group of wives of Israeli POWs and their perceptions coming back "home."

Paper long abstract:

In her research on the meaning of war among IDF veterans, Lomsky-Feder argued that not only the return home from, but also the actual encounter of the individual with war, is "significant in terms of the perception of everyday lifeā€¦ and as a unique phenomenon." In the case of POWs, the meaning of "front" and "home" have an additional and perhaps a more complex significance, since during their imprisonment they were neither in the "front" nor at "home."

Previous studies examined the "secondary traumatization" among wives of Israeli POWs (Dekel/Solomon 2006; Greene et al 2014). My paper presents a study conducted on a group of wives of Israeli POWs with PTSD, and their perceptions of their husbands' coming back "home." The paper is based on field work of the group's regular meetings and on interviews with some of these women as well as interviews with mental health professionals, who offer couples' consultation for former IDF POWs and their spouses.

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To the "front" and back "home" again: military mobilities and the social transitions they entail
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