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Accepted Paper:

What's New? Turns, Re-turns in Digitalization of Danish Right-wing Online Vitriol Language  
Peter Hervik (NOISE - Network of Independent Scholars in Education (Copenhagen))

Paper short abstract:

Through ethnographic interviews with seasoned far-right online activists, who use extreme speech targeting "non-Western" refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, the paper argues that a neo-nationalism-neo-racism narrative drove people into extreme speech and not the new digital technology per se.

Paper long abstract:

In digital and media anthropology, there is much talk about shifts, transformations, turns, and accelerated change brought about by digital media technologies - and rightly so. But what does it really mean from the perspective of persons who frequently write pieces for the traditional news as well as for social media platforms? More specifically, this paper focus on far right-wing activists, who use extreme speech targeting so-called "non-Western" refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. Through an analysis of ethnographic interviews with these activists whose writings and engagements extend beyond social media platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and others, I will argue that a neo-nationalism - neo-racism narrative is what leads people into activism and not the new technology per se. At the same time, I will argue that while anyone can access and check information anytime, the community building relies on blurred boundaries between fact and fiction and little critical assessment of sources or opposing views. In short, the community of the liked-minded relies more on ritual opposition than anything else.

Panel P067
The digital turn: new directions in media anthropology [Media Anthropology Network]
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