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Accepted Paper:

Exploring energy governance through CSR: Norwegian energy corporations abroad.  
Ståle Knudsen (University of Bergen) Ingrid Birce Muftuoglu (Universitet i Bergen)

Paper short abstract:

Through an empirical focus on the way in which Norwegian energy corporations handle CSR in their international operations, this study discuss dynamics between neoliberalization and various corporate models for company-state-society interaction.

Paper long abstract:

While energy industries are central to the working of society and a major concern of state policies, little ethnographic work has been conducted at the interface between states and energy corporations. An understanding of this is crucial as energy companies are to a larger degree state-owned than other companies. Investigating how different ownership models influence the way in which companies operate internationally, opens up for discussing dynamics between neoliberalization and various corporate models for company-state-society interaction and, moreover, how such dynamics draw on legacies of and shape futures of energy-related practices and governance.

Norwegian energy corporations, which to a large extent are state-owned, started operating abroad around 1990. This was a consequence of the opening up of international markets as well as deregulation at home. While working far away from home, these energy corporations relate and adapt to local and national particularities in place of operation. Also, the standards and procedures for CSR or sustainability to which they relate are set and managed by international institutions. And, in their quest for profit, they compete globally with other transnational corporations. Does the 'Nordic model' make a difference in this context, and if so, to what extent? Furthermore, does it make a difference that the corporations are wholly or partly state-owned?

This case study explores these questions by studying the way in which the major Norwegian energy corporation Statkraft handle CSR at various levels of the corporation in relation to their operations in Turkey.

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