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Accepted Paper:

Past, future and senses of place in two neighborhoods of Valencia (Spain)  
Albert Moncusí Ferré (Universitat de València) Hernán Fioravanti (University of Valencia)

Paper short abstract:

This paper analyzes different conceptions of past and future in a peripheral neighborhood and an old city neighborhood in Valencia (Spain). It sheds light on similarities or differences between both. The aim is to reflect on the role of conceptions of time in the building of urban places.

Paper long abstract:

Past and future meet in neighborhoods. By one side, personal and collective memories shape past. By the other side a future is planned for the neighborhood. In relation to past, memory is a social construction about reality that contributes to conform a place. Memory is related to expectations and intentions. Social memory implies remembering but also forgetting. Places are built through memories. It is important to underline that memories are plural and comfortable or uncomfortable. In relation to future, social organizations, individual neighbors and administration technicians and politicians plan a future neighborhood according to different guidelines and resources. Different conceptions and uses of time coexist. This paper analyzes conceptions of past and future in two neighborhoods in Valencia: the peripheral urban area of Els Orriols and the old city area of Velluters. "Comfortable memories" produce narratives of place that deny conflict. There is an historical connection to the rural surroundings in Els Orriols. Velluters had a role as the silk industry district and It is crystallized in the silk guild museum. But "Uncomfortable memories" are denied in the official history. Delict and drugs during the 70's in both neighborhoods and the current commemoration of a silk workers riot in Velluters. The paper will also analyze conceptions of future. Different values of prosperity and well-being come into play in every neighborhood and for diverse subjects. Diverse projects lay on the table in each neighborhood. Past and future are resources to build different senses of place, in the same city.

Panel P163
Encounters between past and future: ethnographic approaches on urban renovation, redevelopment, gentrification and heritagization
  Session 1 Wednesday 15 August, 2018, -