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Accepted Paper:

« 24 hours in Diane's daily life » (15mns) or the grace of interactions  
Corinne Fortier (Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Sociale)

Paper short abstract:

The movie entitled "24 hours in Diane's daily life" follow Diane, a trans woman in her daily life without knowing in advance what she was going to do and to tell. Meaningful unexpected moments full of grace occured in this day which are related to her personality and to our close interaction.

Paper long abstract:

As an anthropologist, I conduct numerous interviews with Diane, the character of the movie, on the subject of her transidentity, but I did not want to realize a movie where she will tell her story from childhood to adulthood. I prefered to show her mooving in her new woman's body.

The movie is entitled "24 hours in Diane's daily life" in hommage to the photographic work of Michel Journiac "24 hours in the life of an ordinary woman" (1974). And the theme and the temporality of my film are similar to Journiac's one. I gave no indication to Diane, having followed her in the morning till evening without knowing in advance what she was going to tell and to do. When I arrive to her home, Diane was taking a shower and told me that I could start to shoot, I followed her invitation and this unexpected moment was meaningful. The spectator hear at first her tenor voice singing under the shower before discovering when she opens the shower curtain that she has a feminine body. After, I followed her out of her home in public space to observed her interactions with others and how people that she met accidentally during the day react to her body transformation and I collecte the grace of these furtive interactions. And the result shows that this film is related to her personality, my gaze on her our interrelation. I will be able to show the entire film or some fragments.

Panel P075
Grace: unexpected moments in ethnographic films
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