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Accepted Paper:

Cultivating possibilities: The reconfiguration of rice cultivation activities in Ifugao, Philippines  
Kathrine Ann Cagat (University of Utah Asia Campus)

Paper short abstract:

In an examination of how the Ifugao have reconfigured rice cultivation activities, this paper discusses how the potential of people and rice are indelibly linked and considers how people's visualization of past agricultural practices is shaped by future aspirations.

Paper long abstract:

Ifugao wet-rice cultivation practices have garnered international attention in the inscription of the Ifugao Rice Terraces into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A key factor in its inscription is the link between the environmental soundness of the Ifugao wet-rice terrace cultivation and the richness of rituals undertaken for planting rice. Currently, municipal festivals, as well as touristic activities have co-opted agricultural activities. These co-optations are not without debates amongst community members as Ifugao residents contemplate their socioeconomic advancement amidst socio-ecological transformations in their province. As such, this paper examines how Ifugao community members reconfigure rice cultivation activities to negotiate access to resources, build local and international alliances and expand livelihood opportunities. The aim is to discuss how the potential of people and rice are indelibly linked and how people's visualization of past practices is shaped by future aspirations for themselves and Ifugao Province.

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Moving on: food futures and reimagining uncertainty [Anthropology of Food]
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