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Accepted Paper:

Surfers and Fishermen : Heritage, Work and Sport in Ericeira  
Vera Azevedo (CRIA NOVA-FCSH)

Paper short abstract:

This presentation considers the impact of sea patrimonialization in Ericeira and explores how official discourses and policies about Portuguese maritime heritage are related to the (re)definition of surfing and fishing practices in the village.

Paper long abstract:

In the context of contemporary patrimonialization processes in various sectors of Portuguese society, this presentation reflects the impact of sea patrimonialization in Ericeira village and accounts for the reconfigurations generated by this process in creating a habitus of sports, work and leisure.

Based on the official governmental discourses and policies about Portuguese maritime heritage - the National Strategy for the Sea 2013/2020 - and because the village was elected World Surfing Reserve in 2011, this paper analyzes the relationship between this sport and the local economy and policies, observes the changes in the tourism sector, the growth of local surf industry and its impact on the fishing community.

Since the multiplicity of coastal and beach uses contextualizes the leisure and work dynamics in Ericeira, we relate the economy of goods and services to the economy of experience and sharing, observe the existing continuities and ruptures and investigate how surfers, fishermen and local authorities define or redefine sports, work and leisure practices and strategies.

Because surfing and fishing practices are constituted in the 'lived experience', we also focus on the performative action of the surfer and fisherman in the daily life of the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira, in order to ascertain which maritime narratives emerge from this new reality.

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Into the blue - cultures of the sea
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