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Accepted Paper:

Cultural Identity in the Process of Migration: Acceptability and Unacceptability of Immigrants in Host Society  
Sajaudeen Chapparban (Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar India )

Paper short abstract:

The present paper tries to highlight how Immigrants' Cultural Identity effects on the process of migration both 'to initiate migration (voluntary and forced)' and 'to be accepted/rejected in the host society'.

Paper long abstract:

The present paper is an attempt to explore how particular religion and its dominance influences the process of migration both in expelling/enforcing to migrate and accept/welcome a selective immigrant/immigrant group in host country. It aims to highlight how invisible geography of cultural identity (culture, race, belief, language, identity, religion and ethnicities etc) has instigated politics and created issues in contemporary migrations in the forms of immigrant and refugee crises. Culture which is deeply rooted in religion works as psychological agent in stimulating or discouraging and facilitating or rejecting the immigrants. These invisible geographies of identities of both immigrants and the host societies clash with each other and initiates the process of migration be it forced and voluntary. It initiates the migration process, set routs of migration, reroutes, settles and unsettles the immigrants. Despite of legal, human rights and other political and diplomatic reasons how religious dis/similarities leads immigrant/group of immigrants to be accepted or rejected by the host society. The present research will analyse the case of different immigrant groups in India including the politics of "legal/illegal" migrants and refugees. It will examine these immigrant groups through the legal framework and how they are settled/resettled/unsettled in India due to their invisible geographical identities of culture and religion.

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Stranded in transit. Why people stay, move or settle in a place they wanted to pass through
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