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Rethinking, reactivating and refocussing the Focus Group Discussion 
Sara ten Brinke (Utrecht University)
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Tuesday 14 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

You conduct FGDs but you would like to rethink their potential? You have never conducted FGDs but you would like to? In this Lab we will pool our experiences, our imaginations and our creative minds together in order to co-create new, effective and exciting methods for conducting FGDs. If you wish to participate in the lab please contact s.s.tenbrinke(at) before 23:59 CEST on Aug 14.

Long Abstract:

The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is a widely used method in anthropological field research that can be both valuable/inspiring and tedious/superficial. In this FGD Lab, participants are invited to creatively rethink the anthropological focus group discussion. After a short introduction based on the convenor's own experiences, participants will be set free to form small (3-5 people) working groups, consult with each other, unleash a wild brainstorm and draw inspiration from the provided methods factsheet examples drawn from participatory action research (PAR) but also from a variety of other workshop facilitating methods. Once the ideas start flowing there will be all kinds of workshop facilitation material to put them down and give them shape. Groups will be encouraged to pick a specific research topic/research population from one of the group's members and design an interactive FGD for that specific research setting.

Finally, each working group will present their new, exciting and experimental anthropological FGD method to the other groups. In this way the participants will not only actively think new ways to conduct their own focus group discussions, they will also leave the FGD Lab with a whole array of inspiring potential methods designed by others.

Limitation: 20 participants

To allow for a better preparation of the workshop and also to avoid disappointment, please pre-register by sending an email stating your name to until latest the 14th of August 2018 at 23:59 o'clock.