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Reproductive aspirations and trajectories within movement/settlement across borders 
Susan Frohlick (University of British Columbia)
Paula Migliardi (University of Manitoba)
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Friday 17 August, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

Examines the intersection of mobilities and global/transnational reproduction, focusing on reproductive aspirations and trajectories and how they are entangled in a variety of mobilities, which involve simultaneous movement and settling in rather than an over-privileging of movement.

Long Abstract:

Reproductive mobilities, largely from medical anthropology, have raised important questions about mobility and reproduction under conditions of globalization and simultaneous interconnectedness and displacement. Mobile fertility clients crossing international borders have been predominant reproductive actors within this terrain but many others are involved in cross-border movement to fulfill reproductive desires and resolve reproductive disappointments (Bennet & DeKok 2017), beyond ARTs and surrogacy. We aim to bring the anthropological analytics of mobilities - what mobility means to people, how mobility is practiced and embodied, its affective as well as moral and political dimensions-to bear on contours of reproduction-in-motion, moving beyond an emphasis on markets and flows.

We are interested in ethnographic accounts of "reproductive aspirations" and "reproductive trajectories" and how they are entangled in and complicated by a variety of mobilities, such as reproductive tourism, abortion seekers, migrant motherhood, for example-reproductive mobilities that might involve simultaneous movement and settling in rather than an over-privileging of movement. How does border crossing affect those terminating a pregnancy or seeking conception in "low tech" ways? How are newcomers' aspirations to raise children as "proper" reproductive actors generated or thwarted in settlement?

We invite papers that explore a range and diversity of experiences of pregnancies, parenting, adoption, abortion, fertility and other facets of reproduction for women, men, or transgender people living as reproductive actors whose aspirations for particular outcomes are shaped by the limits and the potentialities of borders and movement/settlement across and within borders.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 17 August, 2018, -