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Accepted Paper:

"In the mood for love": South Asian narratives of marriage, love, sexuality and betrayal  
Mara Matta (University of Rome 'La Sapienza')

Paper short abstract:

This paper explores the new emotional cultures of South Asia, looking at narratives of marriage, love and sexuality as articulated in literature and cinema. It posits that films and novels open up new philoscapes where to project fantasies of hope and desire whilst indulging in “the mood for love”.

Paper long abstract:

Feelings can creep up just like that.

I thought I was in control.

(In the mood for love, Kar-wai Wong)

Among the multi-layered cultural formations that reflect (on) South Asia today, cinema and literature remain among the most interesting venues for exploring narratives of social history and issues of representation (Ahmed 1992; Sircar 1995). Films and literary writings can offer precious insights into the critical transformations and the subtle adjustments currently affecting discourses and practices of intimacy, love and marriage in post-colonial South Asia. Interrogating cinematic narratives and novels by Indian and Bangladeshi authors, this article investigates the emotional cultures of contemporary South Asia and postulates that these narrations reflect a deeply felt necessity to go beyond normative structures of kinship and accepted practices of "doing family" (Hudak and Giammattei 2014). Exploring sensitive subjects like extramarital relationships, homosexuality, mixed marriages and the possibility of unconventional choices in the spheres of love and intimacy, these films and novels open up new philoscapes where to project fantasies of hope and desire whilst indulging in "the mood for love".

Cited references

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Rethinking marriage: exchange and emotion in comparative perspective
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