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Accepted Paper:

We should not make it slow, it has always been slow!  
Giulia Battaglia (IRMECCEN, Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Paper short abstract:

This paper explores the slow essence of anthropology understood within social science through its arts rather than through its methodology. In fact, in what way can we concretely think an anthropology of engagement vs. an anthropology of representation (à la Ingold)?

Paper long abstract:

This paper will consider anthropology as a 'social science of art' rather than the counter part of its 'methodology'. Accordingly, it will ask: is it possible to think anthropology beyond its classic dualistic tradition? Or more precisely, is it possible to think anthropology beyond its method yet not without its work in the field? Indeed, is there a way to go beyond the classic debate around 'ethnography' as methodology (à la Marcus) and 'ethnography' as theory (à la Ingold)? And if yes, would this not be a useful way to reconsider the legacy of anthropology for a much more engaging, slow, future that opens up to other forms of participation, collaboration, engagement between (art) practices?

Based on ethnographic encounters and self-reflections concerning the modalities through which we relate to our research (in the field as much as outside the field), this paper explores the meaning of what I call 'living anthropology'. That is, an art form which is constituent of the discipline of anthropology but is existent outside the dual division between methodology and theory. 'Living anthropology' is a concept not far from what in this panel is addressed as the 'art of slowing down' yet it expands its meaning beyond anthropology and thus to other art practices.

Panel P086
The art of slowing down
  Session 1