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Accepted Paper:

Ambedkar's revolt against caste in India: studying emancipation outside the anthropological framework of caste and race  
Dag Erik Berg (Molde University College)

Paper short abstract:

The paper sheds critical light on concepts such as outcasts and Pariah in social and political theory, pointing out how they are incompatible with historical revolts against caste based oppression in India.

Paper long abstract:

This paper will problematise the anthropological legacy on comparing caste and race by focusing on how revolts against caste based oppression in India has been completely sidelined in the terminology that has been used in social and political theory. Critical reference will be made to the understandings of outcastes and Pariah that Max Weber and subsequently Hannah Arendt used in their influential writings on social exclusion. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is a prominent example of revolt against caste based oppression in India, and the paper will discuss concepts to analyse his struggle for emancipation.

Panel P033
Towards a transnational anthropology of power: legacies and linkages of caste, race, and gender
  Session 1