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Accepted Paper:

Indian academics at Ethiopian universities: prospects in the academic periphery?  
Sophia Thubauville (Frobenius Institute)

Paper short abstract:

The expansion of the Ethiopian Higher Education System offers second quality Indian academics whose qualifications are not enough for jobs in the ‘traditional academic powerhouses’ prospects in the periphery.

Paper long abstract:

The paper wants to discuss the development of the Higher Education Sector in two 'peripheral locations' - India and Ethiopia - concerning the destination countries of the graduating academics. Top academics from both countries still leave preferably to the 'traditional academic powerhouses' US, Europe and Australia. Because of the loss of these highly qualified academics and the rapid development of the university sector in Ethiopia, a vacuum at the universities emerges which can only be filled by academics from outside. Indian commercial recruitment agencies have learned of the Ethiopian demand for academics and send hundreds of academics every year to the Northeast African country. By that way Ethiopia has become a chance for second quality academics from India as well as for retired academics that have no chance in other countries because of age limits. The paper finally addresses the question, if not only Ethiopia offers a chance for Indian academics, but if these academics can also be seen as a chance for the Ethiopian developing HEI sector.

Panel P041
Higher education and transnational academic hierarchies: anthropological work in/on the academic periphery
  Session 1