Accepted Paper:

Ghora. Waiting for the Goddess.  


Irene Majo Garigliano (CNRS, Centre d’Études Himalayennes)
Alessandro Cartosio

Paper short abstract:

Authors: Alessandro Cartosio and Irene Majo Garigliano. India Ι 2014 Ι 38 minutes VO (Assamese), subtitles English. Temple of the Goddess Kamakhya. India. August 2013. Within few days Ghoras will dance. What do Shiva Nath Das and Deviram Das feel about the possession they undergo?

Paper long abstract:

Every year in August twenty-one men (the Ghoras) become possessed by deities and dance to the sound of drums for three days. A deity chooses a man as his vehicle; whatever his age he will be possessed every year for the rest of his life. During the three days of the Dance, devotees worship the Ghoras and beg for their blessing. When the Dance is over, the Ghoras, abandoned by the deities, go back to their everyday life: work, family and house-caring.

This ethnographic documentary film follows Shiva Nath Das and Deviram Das in the delicate phase preceding the Dance and explores the way they gradually part from their families and their day-to-day life.

The film can be conveniently projected on a single screen.

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