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Accepted Paper:

Megabit: Waiting for a rain   
Keiichiro Matsumura (Okayama University)

Paper short abstract:

This film focuses on Ethiopian women who try to work as domestic labours in the Middle East with depicting the village life at the end of dry season. It shows the waved feelings of the people who wait for good news and a better future.

Paper long abstract:

The "Megabit" month by the Ethiopian calendar, approximately around March, is at the end of the long dry season. The villagers wait for the start of rainy season. The men do a ritual for rain to till their land. In March 2008 when this film was taken for two weeks, many young women tried to go to the Middle East for making money. What do they go abroad for? What are they really waiting for? This film depicts the waved feelings among the villagers who wait for good news and something a bit better than now. I have conducted my anthropological fieldwork at this coffee-growing village in the South-western Ethiopia since 1998. In early 2008, the women's migration to the Middle East suddenly began and became a boom. The migrant of women from the village have changed their village life and family relationships. I would like to discuss about the migration movement to the developed countries from the point of view of a rural African village.

The name of director: Keiichiro Matsumura

Year of production: 2015

Language: English subtitle

Length: 30 minutes.

Panel Film01
Visualizing futures: audio-visual practices for a contemporary anthropology