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Accepted Paper:

Sense Consciousness: Exploring Dyslexic Knowing  
Ruth Gibbons (Massey University, New Zealand)

Paper short abstract:

This short film combines work created through collaborative practices exploring and representing experiences of everyday dyslexic experience. Through the sensory explorations of embodied knowing the piece uses animation, sound and photography to communicate the worlding of my collaborators.

Paper long abstract:

In recent work on exploring knowing by Pink and Rapport, in ways of bringing people near to others ways of knowing, they challenge expansion and crossing boundaries into ideas of futures of research and of exploring worlding. In this piece with my collaborators I explore film as a way to express sensory experience engaging with how 'looking' is not a separate sense but enmeshed across experiences and across the bodies sensorium. I also step outside of this to encourage engagement though the making of gestures, which the viewer is invited to do, as a way to create awareness about the bodies engagement through these everyday movements. The work is based in my research with people with dyslexia where we used a variety of different art forms including digital imagery, animation, film, sound, paint, interactive artwork and sculpture to explore knowing from a dyslexic perspective. This work uses a variety of the pieces as an installation through film crossing between different experiences exploring the sensorium of knowing from a dyslexic perspective. Eagleton (1990) suggested that aesthetics is a 'discourse born of the body' and in this piece I engage with this bodied discourse, from the initial creation of the work through to its current form, as the works combine and inform each other adding a new dimension to them in their sharing of the screen.

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