Accepted Paper:

A song for Mursal  


Kristin Nicolaysen (Nicolaysen Film AS)

Paper short abstract:

Elise and Mursal (9) are best friends. While Elise has lived her entire life in Alta, northern Norway, Mursal is a refugee from Afghanistan, seeking asylum in Norway. Now the girls' friendship is threatened by the fact that Mursal might any day be transported out of Norway.

Paper long abstract:

The film is recorded in Alta, northern Norway from 2011 - 2015. The director follows the to young girls Elise and Mursal as they are eager to fight for children's right to express themselves about the right to stay in a country where you as child feel you belong. The parents of Mursal come from Afghanistan, a country Mursal hardly knows as she is born in Iran. At the age of six Mursal and her family arrives in Norway, where they apply for asylum. The juridical procedure takes years of waiting and longing for and answer. The parents are frightened, but try their best to normalize the situation in front of the children. After six years they finally have the final answer. The film is seen mainly through the eyes of the young girls, Mursal and Elise, and how they experience the situation. The film is dealing with the questions of: Escape, war, friendship, hope, fear and uncertainty. The film is a documentary, with elements of fiction. 29 min.

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