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Accepted Paper:

"I've got my life, I've got my freedom": individuation and neoliberal de-regulation as intertwined processes  
Marta Lobato (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Paper short abstract:

Current socio-economic transformations in Spain are resulting in the reaffirmation of people's individuality and self-mind throughout the creation of life projects that are equally, if not more precarious, yet firmly based on the naturalization of their own moral and personal inclinations

Paper long abstract:

The burst of the 2008 economic crisis in Spain has set up a peculiar social scenery in which tensions, contradictions, and new cultural dynamics converge. In such setting, external changes have not created entirely new socio-cultural dynamics, but "hybrids" within the already-existing ones. Within such framework, the following article seeks to show how the process of indivualization informants are undergoing interwines with anthropological perspectives on value and morality in an urban context. Capitalism urges actors to reduce uncertainty, while naturalizing their individuality and sense of free choice. Crisis, then, becomes a creative space where instability and precariousness (re)define subjectivities.

Panel P120
Individuality and the making of urban lives
  Session 1