Accepted Paper:

Riding My Tiger - Trilogi Jawa III (Video, 2014)  


Ascan Breuer

Paper short abstract:

The filmmaker searches for the spirit of a tiger said to have haunted the house of his ancestors on Java.

Paper long abstract:

"The story of Ascan Breuer's physical/psychic journey to track down the origins of his family. He is exploring the island of Java along with its culture, traditions and ghosts. The beginning of the film, reminiscent of an intimate diary, soon gives way to a competely different mood. The journey becomes research. The research turns into investigation. Tracks become clues to be deciphered. First-hand accounts are testemonies to be pieced together, like scattered fragments of an uncertain story that is full of gaps. This documentary offers two elements that are usually alien to the genre: suspense and preternatural. Therefore, the viewers are plunged in a film that is also an actual paranormal thriller. Psychological and ethno-anthropological materials are rewritten according to the forms of cinematic narration of mise-en-scéne. Therefore, emotion (pathos) becomes style and culture becomes a (ghostly) character." (55 Festival dei Popoli, Int. Doc. Film Festival Florence, 28.11.-5.12.2014)

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Visualizing futures: audio-visual practices for a contemporary anthropology