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Navigating migration and asylum regimes 
Nina Gren (Lund University)
Sebastien Bachelet (University of Manchester)
Halvar Andreassen Kjærre (University of Bergen)
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Paolo Gaibazzi (University of Bologna)
Start time:
21 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
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Short Abstract:

Migration and asylum regimes shape the forms and content of human life. This panel asks how migrants navigate them, and the modes of existence and experience to which their navigation gives rise.

Long Abstract:

The politics of mobility have assumed a central role not only in the government of populations across the world but also in shaping the very form and content of human life. Such politics constitute therefore an interesting site for addressing the legacy of anthropological research and thought on the human condition. Would-be migrants invest hope and resources into migration as a way of pursuing a respectable life and/or escaping social death. Restrictive conditions of entry and permanence in a number of countries force many, however, to undertake dangerous journeys and to continually revise their options. The experience, or simply the danger, of irregularization, encampment, detention and deportation shape their understandings of freedom and constraint, mobility and immobility, success and failure. Asylum and integration policies similarly create novel life opportunities as well as impasses. This panel calls for contributions that describe how migrants (and other actors of migration) navigate migration and asylum regimes. It further focuses on these navigations as laboratories of life in the making: which sociality, cultural notions and practices, political forces, and modes of consciousness do migrants mobilize, reproduce or invent in order to confer meaning and form on their existence?

Accepted papers:

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