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Connection and contestation in queer anthropology [ENQA] 
Shaka McGlotten (Purchase College-SUNY)
Margot Weiss (Wesleyan University)
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Start time:
22 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
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Short Abstract:

This panel explores the future(s) of queer anthropology by attending to connections and contestations between anthropological and other ways of knowing, and between the concepts that ground our fields: queer, gender, sexuality, desire.

Long Abstract:

This panel explores the future(s) of queer anthropology—the borders between anthropological and other ways of knowing, between queer studies and anthropology, and between different geographies of anthropology (US-based or European, for instance). As anthropology's methodological and conceptual toolkit is increasingly adapted by other disciplines and even corporate sectors, and as the discipline is under attack in the US, we ask what the future of anthropology looks like and speculate on some possible trajectories, both the optimistic and the less than encouraging.

Against legacies of the more voyeuristic "suffering subjects" (Joel Robbins) of ethnographic knowledge, the panel seeks to explore a future for an anthropology that can learn and think alongside its interlocutors. We seek panelists working on issues of borders and boundaries in queer anthropology, especially those attentive to the impasse of the political present, the distinctive ways queer ethnography might be used in and outside anthropology, and the ways activist and queer knowledge practices both connect to, and critique, anthropological ways of knowing. Papers that ground queer critique in local conditions of knowledge production in the contemporary academy are especially welcome, as are projects that explore more dialogic relationships between anthropology and its objects of analysis.

Accepted papers:

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