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Dialogue among indigenous traditions and health 
Renee De La Torre (Ciesas)
Maria Beldi de Alcantara (University of Sao Paulo)
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Start time:
23 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
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Short Abstract:

This panel will discuss the tense dialogue among indigenous healing and the ways it has acquired new meanings by other actors and spiritual movements and even rejected by the Western biomedical knowledge.

Long Abstract:

Indigenous healing systems and traditional healing practices, are now embedded in dynamic interfaces with various systems of healing and health. These may be called biomedical western institutions, therapeutic circuits with emphasis on holistic health, networks promoted by new age, the field of psychological or psychiatric therapies, searches for alternative health, the commodification of ethnic tourism, health or spiritual; workshops to address addictions, neoshaman icos circuits as the trippers consumers power plants; different religious and spiritual currents that provide healing and so on. These interfaces can produce novel hybrids, but are also causing conflicts, tension and new contradictions within indigenous groups, the actors mentioned above and the biomedical system. This table looks inviting academic researchers to analyze interfaces such negotiations, contradictions, and assimilation that are experiencing indigenous health systems.

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