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Skilled engagements [VANEASA] 
Cristina Grasseni (University of Leiden)
Rupert Cox (Manchester University)
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Thorsten Gieser (University of Koblenz)
Start time:
20 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

We explore the notion of 'engagement' in terms of the skilled application of the senses and of media, building on the ethnographic study of apprenticeship as a primary mode of 'enskilment'. Papers should critically investigate technology and the evidential power of media making.

Long Abstract:

This call develops the notion of 'engagement' in anthropology by exploring it in terms of skilled senses and media. Building on the ethnography of apprenticeship as a primary mode of 'enskilment' (Ingold 2000, Cox 2003, Herzfeld 2004, Grasseni 2007), we wish to explore further how 'skilled visions' and the interfaces between vision and other senses are modes of making "knowledge and forms of expression".

This research advances questions and strategies based on particular modes of engagement: from sonic mapping to digital visual engagements (Cox 2012, Walter/Grasseni 2014). We are interested in the cultural analysis of technologies, routines and devices that produce knowledge by engaging different publics in specific types of individual and collective apprenticeship and learning.

We welcome ethnographic studies of skill formulated in/as/through media, and the forms of knowledge and public impacts produced by them, particularly in the domain of sound and image-making.

Papers should critically investigate the modes of perception behind technology and technique and provide an analysis of the practical use of devices, formal routines and the evidential power of media making, furthering the understanding of 'engagement' and of the 'publics' at stake.

Cox 2003. The Zen Arts. Routledge.

Cox 2012. 'Military aircraft noise and politics of spatial affect in Okinawa'. Sound, Space, Sociality in modern Japan (eds. Stevens/Hankins). Routledge.

Grasseni (ed.) 2007. Skilled Visions. Berghahn.

Herzfeld 2004. The Body Impolitic. Chicago.

Ingold 2000. The Perception of the Environment. Routledge.

Walter/Grasseni 2014. «Digital Visual Engagements», Anthrovision[Online] 2.2|2014.

Accepted papers:

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