Accepted Paper:

EASA and central European ethnology/anthropology  


Agnieszka Koscianska (University of Warsaw)

Paper short abstract:

This presentation shows how EASA influenced Central European ethnology/ethnography.

Paper long abstract:

In this presentation, I show how EASA influenced Central European ethnology/ethnography (a discipline, which started in the region in the early 19th century and focused on peasant studies) and contributed to its transformation into social/cultural anthropology in the 1990s and early 2000s. I point to the role that EASA has played in the more recent search for the specificity of ethnology/anthropology in the region. I also discuss how EASA based networking (both between scholars from Western Europe and Eastern Europe as well as among various Central/Eastern European countries) and ideas conceived during EASA workshops influenced the conceptualization of postsocialism, neoliberalism, revolutions, social movements (e.g. trade unions, feminism) and crises in Central Europe and contributed to the development of engaged anthropology dedicated to these issues.

Panel Plenary A
EASA beyond crises: continuities and innovations in European anthropology