Accepted Paper:

Audiovisual documentation of intangible cultural heritage in Slovenia  
Nadja Valentincic Furlan (Slovene Ethnographic Museum)

Paper short abstract:

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum is a coordinator of the protection of intangible cultural heritage. Production of short ethnographic films is done in collaboration with the heritage bearers.

Paper long abstract:

Slovene Ethnographic Museum is a coordinator of the preservation of intangible cultural heritage. Its Department of Ethnographic Film is responsible for audiovisual documentation and production of short films on the intangible heritage phenomena and their bearers. We collaborate with the heritage bearers in all stages of filming, from planning, shooting in the field, and finally presenting it to the primary society in the field, as we believe they are “owners of the knowledge” incorporated in their heritage. Films are of an interest to various institutions, schools and universities, societies and individuals in Slovenia and wider. Occasionally we collaborate also with other producers to give them basic guidelines how to produce representative videos for the Slovene Register of intangible cultural heritage and the UNESCO Representative list. The author will discuss several points of view of the project, among them requirements of the Ministry of culture, expectations of the bearers and video producers, methodological and ethical questions, as well as the copyright issue.

Panel P111
Collaboration in visual work: with whom, how, what for? (VANEASA)