Accepted Paper:

Competition vis-à-vis cooperation in the aftermath of economical crisis in Greece  


Vasiliki Tzanetou (Society of Social Psychiatry And Mental Health)

Paper short abstract:

Focusing on the aftermath of economical crisis in Greece, this article seeks to unravel anthropos' potential for cooperation in the “self-centered” Greek society. Furthermore it explores how virtual communication may play a role in enhancing this effort of intimate collaborations.

Paper long abstract:

20th century social theory, which accounts for the majority of anthropology's professional history, was portrayed by the longstanding idea that anthropos by nature is selfish and antagonistic being. This article puts into question this theoretical belief seeking to explore how social environment may shape human behavior and force anthropos to react in certain antagonistic ways. Is anthropos a selfish and competitive being by nature? Does anthropos seek only to satisfy his/her own needs, motivated solely by personal interests and benefits? Or his/her behavior and his/her feelings are shaped by the way she/he is nurtured? Sussman and Chapman do believe that societies whose members value morality or unselfish behavior are more likely to survive and thrive (Sussman and Chapman, 2004).

In the aftermath of economical crisis in Greece and of extreme social changes, people are puzzled and anxious under the new conditions they have to face. On the one hand there is a widespread distrust among people and lots of unanswered questions, such as why we do not join together? why we only search for personal survival ignoring our intimate people? why young people are so softly? On the other hand in response to this global social - economic crisis, many people timidly are organized and mobilized through associations, community organizations, giving new opportunities for cultural expression and social interaction in our society, such as "Fair-trade networks without traders in Greece" , previously unknown. Technology, especially social networks, enhances this effort spurring new types of cooperation.

Sussman, R. W. & Chapman,A. R.2004, Origins and Nature of Sociality. Transaction Publishers.

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Networking, collaboration and intimacy in the Mediterranean (Mediterraneanist Network)