Accepted Paper:

Art activism - collaboration in creative work: an experimental audio-visual live performance in anthropology  
Norma Deseke (BeAnotherLab University of Cambridge)Hannes Andersson (Donuan Visual / Sae Institute)

Paper short abstract:

This performance exemplifies how the relation between imagination and critique translates into creative practices of innovation and forms of political dissent during times of “crisis Europe”. We aim for an experimental audio-visual live performance to merge form and content on multiple layers.

Paper long abstract:

This paper reflects upon a documentary film project in the making. The documentary captures the collaborative and creative processes of realising a video art piece with a group of transnational artists based in "crisis" Barcelona. The documentary project is a collaborative experiment of visualising anthropological knowledge while it is generated in order to explore technologies of knowledge production.

I initiated the documentary project as an investigation in audio-visual form to create an avenue for collaboration. By initiating a project myself, I immerse in the work patterns of young artists and their key strategy of survival in crisis Barcelona. I understand participants as epistemic partners and experts in their respective fields, who share my intellectual curiosity and pursue similar goals in varying mediums of expression.

The content of the paper merges with audio-visual materials created in collaboration with the digital artist Hannes Andersson. To push anthropological knowledge generation and its methodologies we engage in an experimental audio-visual live performance in anthropology. The performance mirrors the principles active in the making of the documentary and aims to merge form and content on multiple layers. I understand this form of engagement to be positioned at the intersection of anthropological practice, artistic intervention, and the collective effort of intellectuals to trigger critical thinking. The aim is to explore anthropological methodologies while making political questions accessible to a wider public through creative mediums.

Panel P111
Collaboration in visual work: with whom, how, what for? (VANEASA)