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Human trafficking: the pivotal role played by the victims  


Desirée Pangerc

Paper Short Abstract:

In the trials against human traffickers, the victim plays a fundamental role. The intervention will focus on the approach to the victim, the process of victimization and the assistance and protection programs offered to them, from the rescue phase until the trial against their exploiters.

Paper long abstract:

Starting from the author's fieldwork experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the paper will take into consideration the anthropological answer to this issue, by describing the asymmetrical relationship between the victim and her/his exploiter/s, by analyzing the victims' behavior from their rescue to the accommodation in the shelters [Pangerc, 2012].

The intervention will start with the description of the work done by the anthropologist in an Italian Anti-Violence Center and it will continue with her contribution in the shelters for trafficked victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explaining the difficulties encountered and faced by the social and judicial operators [IOM, OSCE, 2009].

Finally, the author will take into consideration the delicate international debate regarding the victim status from the psychological aspects to the legal ones [Goodey, 2004], relying on evidence from the victims and the social operators.

In conclusion, it will demonstrate how important crime perception [Bauer, 2011] is in the Eastern Europe civil society to stop this social evil and how it is fundamental in prevention activities, investigations and victim protection and rehabilitation programs.

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Bodies of evidence, experts, and intimacy in the anthropology of security (EASA Anthropology of Security Network)