Accepted Paper:

Challenging labels: corporeal forms of resistance in three acts  
Anitta Kynsilehto (Tampere Peace Research Institute)

Paper short abstract:

This paper digs into the phenomenon labelled as undocumented migration and analyses different forms of resisting administrative and scholarly labels.

Paper long abstract:

Drawing on insights gained with persons on the move, characterized in official discourse as undocumented migrants or asylum-seekers, this paper examines corporeal forms of resistance. It departs from the frame of smooth functioning of administrative power that seeks to contain individuals in the places assigned to them, and thus regulate and stop irregular forms of global mobilities. Instead, the paper highlights mobile persons' potential of disturbing this power, indeed resisting it in different ways, thereby challenging not only the administrative and legal categorizations and labels but also questioning taken-for-granted assumptions within fluid migrant communities and among solidarity advocates. The paper analyses three forms of resistance targeting different embodiments of power, figured in a young and scrawny body journeying unassisted through various countries, a male body onto which the European quest to control its borders has carved its marks, and leaders of shadow communities negotiating the access to the people they are to protect.

Panel P069
Moving people: anthropologists adopting, interrogating and refuting governmental categorisations (ANTHROMOB)