Accepted Paper:

Digital and cosmopolitan collaborations in the invention of the 'industrial dance' style: doing digital dance anthropology  
Panas Karampampas (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

This ethnographically based paper illuminates the collaborations in, and the multi-directional appropriation and localisation of, goth practices in the European goth network and the significance of social media. The focus is on the digital and physical goth dance events.

Paper long abstract:

This ethnographically based paper analyses the complex and decentralised transnational process of the introduction of Industrial dance on YouTube and its development and transmission on the European dance floors. The multiple appropriation and localisation of goth practices is apparent in the European goth network. Focusing on the study of the goth dance event in Athens in parallel with the social media that are used by my interlocutors along with research in digital archives I will reveal the multiplicity of goth performance.

Industrial dance is the most recent goth dance style that was developed and became a trend from mid to late 2000s. Mainly performed transnationally by young goths belonging in the industrial and cybergoth fractions, its importance and practice surpasses clubs, thus becoming a regular practice that takes place in multiple physical and digital locations.

Cyberspace is the connecting link of the Goth network that is related with material and digital spaces. For Goths, internet does not replace conventional activities but reinforces them, thus bringing the everyday of goths into cyberspace. It will be argued that information gained in cyberspace is embodied in everyday life.

Panel P035
Collaborative intimacies in music and dance: anthropologies in/of sound and movement