Accepted Paper:

Idea sun bursting: problem-solving boredom in desensitized times  
Amanullah Mojadidi

Paper short abstract:

This performance will use a variety of materials to create a large-scale Mind Map in an attempt to solve the problem of Boredom at a personal and societal level.

Paper long abstract:

How is that in a world that - is simultaneously globalizing and fracturing, has more ongoing conflicts at the local, national, regional, and international level than any other time in recent history, makes information (if not knowledge) available with a clack clack clack of the fingertips, sees human migration currents that flow more swiftly than those of our deepest oceans, and presents existential crises of being and identity on a scale perhaps not known since the Neanderthals came face to face with anatomically modern humans - we could actually be bored?

And what is boredom? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Who and/or What are to blame for it?

I will use mixed-media performance art as a tool through which to map Boredom and attempt to come to some sort of personal (and hopefully larger societal) conclusions about what 'contemporary boredom' is within times of not simply 'normalized,' but in fact 'desensitized' crises.

Panel P068
Boredom, intimacy and governance in 'normalized' times of crisis