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Sonja Blagojevic

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For ten years now, the KOSMA radio network is the only thing connecting highly isolated Serbian communities in Kosovo.

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KOSMA is a documentary film about a rarely spoken matter in the usual coverage of Kosovo - everyday life omitted from news and politics. Life transformed into FM frequency sounds, observed by the radio ears capturing voices of those who are voiceless and non-existing in official media. From simple everyday life to fantastic sights of living tradition that spring out of the deepest and the most beautiful layers of time, space and human experience. KOSMA is a vivid fresco depicting clashes of the lyrical, epic and dramatic in a unique mixture of gloomy grayness and burning colors emerging from amazingly beautiful sights. For ten years now, the KOSMA radio network is the only link among highly isolated Serbian communities in Kosovo. The sound of the radio travels through deserted areas and abandoned houses, breaking down the barriers that their listeners themselves cannot surmount. A depiction of electricity and water cutoffs, fear, helicopters flying overhead, attacks and protests are woven into simple human stories, acts and aspirations. In this place laden with rich and vivid history and tradition, the radio voices bear witness to everyday life, human connections, significant events and ever-present hope. Director: Sonja Blagojevic Runtime in minutes: 75 Year of production: 2013 Location: Kosovo and Metohija Production/distribution: Centar for Visual Communications KVADRAT, Website of the film: Link to trailer: Link to presskit of the film:

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