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Policing future crimes  


Mark Maguire (Maynooth University)

Paper Short Abstract:

This paper explores the coming together of evolutionary theory, geographical information, so-called 'big data' and policing to target future crimes.

Paper long abstract:

Over the past number of years, advances in GIS and data analytics have led venturesome scholars, including evolutionary anthropologists, to develop capacities to police future criminal acts. Such systems are already in operation in the United States and the UK and are being rolled out elsewhere. At the same time, police forces already under pressure to privatize and enter partnerships have developed coterminous systems that contradict data-led policing. Tensions and fissures are appearing in the policing security-scape. This paper explores these tensions and fissures by drawing out the voices of the experts and innovators who manage and rebel against contemporary (in)securitization. At stake here are the ways in which the human is problematised and configured in techno-science.

Panel P001
Bodies of evidence, experts, and intimacy in the anthropology of security (EASA Anthropology of Security Network)