Accepted Paper:

The "religion" of comic books' superheroes: a modern religious trend or political propaganda?  
Georgios Gaitanos (University College Logos)

Paper short abstract:

The paper focuses on the myth/religion of the superheroes of the comic books and their comparison with the heroes of ancient mythologies, since many people compare them either as modern gods or as a way of protest of young people against the social and political development in USA.

Paper long abstract:

In the paper is recorded how the "adoration" of the superheroes constitutes a particular recreational way for the new generations with political and social expediency. Substantially, through the comic books it was shaped a mythical frame around the superheroes, as they sought to resolve the problems of the society by applying liberal ideas and proposals. Thus, the story of the superheroes constituted most of the times a political tool and was used differently from political powers. Always, we should keep in our mind the one that is hidden behind the curtain, because a mythical story can link a society or a state, but it can also divide. This kind of mythical stories can be institution of ideologies and can bring peace and social stability or instability. At the same time, through the paper I will examine in what way the superheroes of the comic books could constitute a taxonomic category for the historian of religions as a part of a "modern religion", differentiated to a large extent from the characteristics and the cultic practices of organized religions.

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Religious trends toward intimacy and revolution