Accepted paper:

In search of Eldorado


Jean-Frederic de Hasque (Université Catholique de Louvain)

Paper short abstract:

"They are 25 years old, students at Bamako University. They are the new generation. The ideas and influence of Yambo Ouologuem, who is radically opposed to white people, have inspired them to establish a club in his name."

Paper long abstract:

In 2005 JF de Hasque travelled to Sévaré in Mali, to the home town of Yambo Ouologuem, who in 1968 was the first African writer to be awarded the Renaudot literary prize. Ouologuem no longer wants to see white people, an attitude he adopted 30 years ago. The desire to analyse the relationships between black and white people and the hopes of the new generation of young Malians has led to this documentary film entitled Où est l'Eldorado? / In Search of Eldorado, shot in Barnako and Sévaré in the company of 5 young university graduates who founded a club in honour of the writer.

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