Accepted Paper:

Come back tomorrow  


André Iteanu

Paper short abstract:

Its election time in Papua New Guinea. Several solutions, some of which are political and other resort to custom, are proposed to answer the major question that the Orokaiva currently ask: Why has development not arrived?

Paper long abstract:

Orokaiva villagers expressed their discontent. So far, they voted for candidates who have never kept their promises. Once elected, when asked something, they always answered "come back tomorrow." Therefore, living conditions have not improved and the development has not happened.

These politicians were farmers, poorly educated. In Parliament, they never spoke, for fear of saying something stupid. So they were content to drink public money and maintain numerous mistresses.

Now these villagers hope that things will change. They will vote for Norman, who has a strong education and long experience in the administration. The arrival of Andrew and other members of the film crew also demonstrates his ability to establish international relations necessary to bring about development.

But in the midst of the campaign a rumor spreads. The Orokaiva people have been cursed by God. In the view of voters political leadership will always remain powerless against that curse. It is crucial to elect a man of faith.

« Come back tomorrow » is not intended to expose "the truth" but to explore a general problem, that of the practice of "democracy", throughout the subjective positions of the characters in their interplay with ours.

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