Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Tense nerves. normality, subversion and reconstruction in the experience of chronic pain  


Chiara Moretti

Paper short abstract:

Having and being a body are proof of a perfectly accomplished embodiment and allows the subject to participate in a coherent system of meaning. If illness creeps into life, corporality undergoes an irreconcilable fracture and a different relationship between the self and society becomes necessary.

Paper long abstract:

When pain creeps into life, uncertainty takes the place of obviousness. Thus is developed a "knowledge of crisis" which is in tension with scientific knowledge, given reality and established system. Any crisis involves a reconstruction and therefore every uncertainty becomes a synonym for a different way to experience. In order to observe this power of uncertainty it is necessary to proceed from the point of coincidence between certainty and obviousness to pose a question: what happens when the indisputable is problematized? Starting from my fieldwork research, the aim of this paper is to frame the disorders know as "Central Sensitivity Syndromes" and specifically the Fibromyalgia Syndrome; through an anthropology from the body, I will investigate the creative uses of the body as a field of re-negotiation of one's "being there", and demonstrate how the disease becomes a voice which examines the experience and testifies to a crisis, a doubt, a provocative pretext to re-create oneself and the surrounding reality. Thus it is starting from the illness itself that it becomes possible to make a good "social use" of it to establish new classifications of the real originating from a transformation that is, before everything else, personal. As a consequence of the aforesaid, illness can then be considered not only physical but above all, moral.

Panel W039
Producing the ordinary in the face of crisis