Accepted Paper:

The role of philanthropic organizations and medias in the revival of taxonomy  


Elsa Faugere (INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research))

Paper short abstract:

In this paper we will explore how and why the alliances between taxonomists organizing great naturalists' expeditions, philanthropic organizations - corporate and families' foundations - funding them, and Medias have appeared in the 2000's. What are the effects on the modernization of taxonomy?

Paper long abstract:

In recent years, taxonomy, an old and not very attractive sub-discipline of biology, has faced important changes. One of them is the implication of private actors in the funding of naturalists expeditions which aim is to inventory biodiversity in the hotpots of the Southern Countries. These private actors are philanthropic organizations such as corporates or families' foundations. In the 2000's, some French biologists, working at the National Museum of Natural History of Paris and at the ONG Pro-Natura International, have succeeded in finding important grants from foundations - such as Total Foundation, Niarchos Foundation, Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and others - which have allowed them to organize the greatest naturalists' expeditions of all-time, according to the medias.

In this paper we will explore how and why such alliances between professional taxonomists, philanthropic organizations and Medias have appeared in the 2000's, what are the effects on the modernization of taxonomy and what is the anthropological meaning?

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Shadows and lights on global biodiversity: taxonomy's revival (EN)