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Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Unwanted seductions: dealing with the wrong type of tourist at Hopiland  
Nick McCaffery (Queen's University Belfast)

Paper short abstract:

Unwanted seductions: dealing with the wrong type of tourist at Hopiland

Paper long abstract:

For nearly 100 years a variety of tourists have visited the small homeland of Hopi Indians in the desert region of northeastern Arizona, USA. As with many other small, secluded populations there are a number of positive as well as negative discourses surrounding the development of tourism - economic benefits being just one. However, one of the most recognisable of tourist types at Hopi, and one of the most heavily debated, is the New Age tourist, or spiritual pilgrim. This paper explores the conflicting attitudes amongst Hopis towards these New Age visitors (who many see as the 'wrong type' of tourist), and shows how a reactive, indigenous approach to tourism is linked to global discourses of 'authentic' representation. How do Hopis identify and attract the right type of tourist? And to what extent should anthropological approaches to tourism include any elements of advocacy for indigenous groups?

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Native Americans in North America: between resistance and adjustment to mainstream society