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Accepted Paper:

To kill or not to kill …? Non-consumptive angling in Norwegian rivers and questions of the nature and authenticity of the fish  
Hogne Øian (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)

Paper long abstract:

Until recently there have been few restrictions in Norwegian rivers and lakes upon killing and eating fish. Partly due to angling tourism, new harvest regulations are nowadays introduced in several water courses, minimizing both the amount and size of the fish one is allowed to kill and eat. This non-consumptive turn in management policies, has brought about a heated discussion among different categories of anglers over the practice of catch-and-release. Within the context of this ongoing debate, it appears that the fish tend to be transform from an animate object to a subject, as ethical, moral and culturally oriented questions arise among some anglers with respect to the nature and authenticity of the fish: Do the fish feel pain, is it acceptable to fish for fun, and what is the difference between a “virgin” fish and a fish that has been captured and released several times before?

Panel W038
Imagining fish - nature assemblages under water
  Session 1