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Accepted Paper:

Good, clean and fair: the Slow Food movement and the moral economy of food  
Valeria Siniscalchi (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Marseille)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

Created in Italy in the mid-1980s, the Slow Food association has become, in less than twenty years, an international movement with nearly 100,000 members throughout the world. Over the course of its evolution, Slow Food's fields of action and intervention have widened and new philosophies have been elaborated or included. Today, on the basis of definitions of food consumption and production respectful of the environment, as well as of the rights of small producers, Slow Food has become a political actor in the large current debates over food issues. What type of economy produces a movement presenting itself as an alternative to economic liberalism exploiting the positive aspects of "globalization"? This analysis deals with this manner of understanding the economy, and more specifically, the notions of "good, clean, and fair," justice, trust, and values, that the movement produces, and their political uses

Panel W092
Frontiers of 'legality' under neoliberalism: ethnographic explorations across shifting temporal and spatial scales
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